Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vegetarian Meetup Outfit

This is quite a belated micro-post! We had a vegetarian-themed meetup a few weeks ago. The word for "vegetarian" is 素 which is also the word for solid-color (i.e., no prints) clothing. So the challenge for this meetup was to wear NO PRINTS!

This is my outfit shot:

I did my hair a different way this time; still cannot decide if it looks silly or not! Sort of like floppy dog/bunny ears~

Teddy is also wearing a 素 outfit ;)

The restaurant we went to was called "Egg Milk Tree" because the word for "tree" 樹(shu) is pronounce similarly to 素(su) so "lacto-ovo vegetarian" sounds like "egg milk tree"!

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Sunday, August 24, 2014


It is the day after my surgery and today has been much better!  The eye drops don't sting nearly as much though my eyes do get tired more easily and I am not supposed to have too much screen time.

Tomorrow I am getting a follow-up check.  It has been a real blessing to wake up and just... See.  I find myself needing to break glasses and contacts habits, such as rwching up to adjust my glasses or thinking I need to remove contacts or glasses before going to bed!  Twenty one years of habit!

I also need to wear celebrity style glasses when I go out to protect my eyes until they heal, so I've been extra stylish~

At night I have these two clear protectors I take to my face haha!

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Friday, August 22, 2014


Gosh my last post was short and quick! I won't go into what happened because. I'm not out of it yet.  On the bright side, on Thursday I was approved for laser vision correction!  Due to how severe my eyesight is plus astigmatism I had  to get the thickness of my eye checked or something. But it was all clear and I made my appointment for Saturday, which was in two days!

In the days leading up to the surgery, the doctor asked me to watch my fire and avoid foods that raise fire.  This may be difficult to explain in English, but basically stimulating foods such as fried, grilled, and spicy foods were to be avoided to reduce the amount of eyelid oil produced.

I am also supposed to be sleeping early but I am trying out mobile blogging!

There may be more microposts in the future from me if I work out how this phone and Android is work.  I'm quite technology challenged

Anyway, I will blog tomorrow after the operation!  I'm excited to see whY it is like to be able to see clearly upon waking ,which is something I have never done because my poor vision started before I even started school!  It may seem like a small thing to people with less severe vision problems, but when you are reliant on glasses to do anything at all, it is a big issue!
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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Quick update to let you know that some awful things have happened in my personal life recently and I will not be updating for a while. Once things get sorted and I am clear I will come back to here.
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Magazine Splurge!

A friend from MN came to Taiwan recently and we had an impromptu meetup and happened across a Japanese magazine store (雜誌瘋) and I spotted two magazines I wanted to buy right away!

The first is this Alice in Wonderland edition that came with a gift of a book-shaped bag, which I was SO excited about!
 photo AliceMagazine_zps0ad9de97.jpg

I've wanted a book-shape bag for ages! The cover advertises it as "Bag in Wonderland" haha! The magazine is full of artist renditions of the original illustrations from both books, original art by the artists, introduction of Alice events, and explanations of the puns in the books. The book is entirely in Japanese, but there is a cute Alice cookies recipe I want to try!

The second is "We Love Pokemon" because I LOVE POKEMON!!! It also came with a gift tote which is the perfect size for going out:
 photo PokemonMag_zpsc3122566.jpg

The front has Pikachu's face and the back has a picture of the new game version Pikachu:
 photo PokemonTote_zpscb9a1464.jpg

Also entirely in Japanese, and has celebrity opinions on Pokemon (boring to me), maps and history of Pokemon games, photos of the Tokyo Pokemon Center, Pokemon goods, and Pokemon nail art! I found that many of the items in the book are actually available here in Taipei ;D

If anybody is interested in the contents I could scan or take photos. Just wanted to share because I'm excited haha! Read More......

Friday, July 25, 2014

Small Daiso Beauty Review

I recently went to the NT$39 shop (US$1.30), Daiso Japan! So here is a quick review of some products I got that I found very worth it at the bargain price.

First: Double layer pill case repurposed as a FALSE LASHES CASE

Available in multiple colors, I chose yellow so I could decorate it to look like Pikachu! I am obsessed with Pokemon ^_~
My name is on the back in Unown. The pill case sizes are perfect for storing lashes, and the top layer can hold tweezers and glue. The packs that false lashes come in tend to be quite fragile and bend or crack easily. I like using pill cases because you can hold multiple styles for mixing or adding accents, and it's small enough to carry around since that's what pill cases are designed for!

Next: Cosmetic Brush and Sponge Cleanser

This is a very highly-rated product everywhere! I tried it out and it does indeed clean any type of brush (I do not use sponges at all, so I cannot comment on that) very quickly and effectively without the need for using much product. I found that squeezing a coin-size amount in my hand was enough to scrub and clean an eyeshadow brush, a liner brush, and a blush brush!

Final: One-Touch Bottle
I have wanted one of these bottles ever since seeing one in a nail salon video!

I also put my name in Unown on it using the negatives from the original sticker cut-out.
This bottle only requires one hand to pump, so I find it very nice for nail varnish remover because you won't accidentally spill the strong-smelling compound all over or waste product!

I did buy some other beauty products, such as false nail bases and double-sided nail stickers, but those are pretty basic and available everywhere at similar prices so I didn't really feel the need to talk about them.

Daiso Japan is really a great place to get some basic items cheaply, and they tend to be very cute! The quality on most items I've found to be OK, especially considering the price point!

Do you have Daiso Japan in your country? If so, what are your favorite products? I'd love to hear others' opinions so I get an idea for what to buy next time I go to a branch shop! Read More......

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Misako's Lolita World in Taiwan!

If anybody is coming to Taiwan in September, you are lucky because Kawaii Ambassador Misako Aoki is hosting events in Taiwan! The information is taken from the Japan Lolita Association Taiwan Branch facebook page and I translated it for anybody who will be here for this!

Misako’s Lolita World
青木美沙子ロリータファッションbook Taiwan book signing + tea party

※Event time and place:
9/20(Sat) Taipei 13:00~16:30 First Hotel Taipei top floor conference hall

9/21(Sun) Tainan 13:30~17:00 Zenda Suites conference hall

※Event location details:
〈9/20(Sat) Taipei〉
First Hotel Taipei top floor conference hall
104台北市中山區南京東路二段63號 (This is the address. I find it easier to use the Chinese address when searching or you can print it out and show a taxi driver)
02 2541 8234

〈9/21(Sun) Tainan〉
台南市東區大學路2號 (address)
Telephone: 06-275-8999

※Cost of Entry/Date of Registration:
〈Taipei〉 Limit 40~50 guests (in 100-person capacity space)
〈Tainan〉 Limit 40~50 guests (in 60-person capacity space)

Cost (includes 2-3 refreshments and endless red tea)
A.〈Early Bird〉NT$1350:
Pay by 7/20 + send in registration form

Pay by 8/31 + send in registration form

C. After 8/31 there are only at-the-door tickets at NT$1550
*Taipei Tea Party guests from outside of the Taipei, New Taipei, and Kilung areas will be reimbursted NT$50 to help with travel costs
*Tainan Tea Party guests from outside of the Kiaohsung and Tainan areas will be reimbursted NT$50 to help with travel costs

※Event Details:
(1)Tea Party
(2)Book Purchase and Book Signing:
Set of book + 1 premier postcard + autograph
Price is 750 NTD
Book introduction:
Basically it is Misako-chan demonstrating and explaining various Lolita styles, coordinates, and basic knowledge.
(3)Misako Sale
E.g., rings, second-hand dresses, etc.
Participants from last year's tea party already know
Misako's dresses are all popular BABY brand dresses
In like-new condition; it's really a deal!
Price estimate around 3500NTD
(4)Best Four Coordinates
Two winners each from Taipei and Tainan. Guests in Lolita attire on the day of the event can introduce their point of fashion to Misako-chan and the other guests. The winners will be chosen by Misako-chan.
Winners will receive special prizes.

1.***Registration is not considered complete until fees are paid***
One fees are paid and registration is successful, there will be no refunds given for any reason. If the event is cancelled, full refunds will be given.
2. Lolitas please maintain a neat and clean appearance in hair and makeup for the event and wear full Lolita attire. Please wear only official Brand items, handmade, or custom items. Knockoffs and pirated designs are not acceptable. If there is confusion or discrepancy please ask beforehand.
3. Regular attire please wear casual formal wear or dresses. Please maintain a neat and cleas appearance in hair and makeup, wear authentic brand clothes. Knockoffs and pirated designs are not acceptable. If there is confuison or discrepancy please ask beforehand.
4. Only accepting money transfer to take payment right now.
5.The organizer reserves the right to change the event details as needed.
6. Lolita Fashion is not Cosplay or maid cosplay. Any guess wearing eithre of these costumes will be denied entry.

1.ID: 0700-0001236-0584810
2.Amt. paid:
A 7/20 - 1350
B 8/31 - 1450
C 8/31 at-the-door-tickets for 1550
3.If you require an account, please send a message to the organier.

Copy and fill out the following chart and email it to
信件標題【報名Misako’s Lolita World茶會】
1.真實姓名:(real name)
2.暱稱:(online handle)
4.手機:(cell phone)
5.匯款後5碼:(last five numbers of the account your transferred money from)
6.使用方案:(which set you are buying)
7.報名場次:(台北/台南) Choose (Taipei/Tainan)
8.是否購買NTD$750的「書+簽名+明信片」特典/數量:Will you buy the NTD750 book and gifts set? and how many?

****Do not sent in a registration until you have paid. This form is not a reservation and will not save you a seat*****************
****After payment is received your registration is considered complete If only partial payments are received, the registration is not considered complete until the final payment has been paid in full********
****The above does not cover other events that may cost money so please prepare some spending money***************** Read More......

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fashion University: Blooming Blossom

SUMMER BREAK!!!!!! Woohoo I just had my first day of summer break yesterday :)
My final project was to design an outfit for a brand so naturally I did BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT
Here are some photos from my photoshoot:

I'm using the "Photobucket Stories" function so I hope this works properly!
ABCLolita's Story

I made a matching outfit for my teddy bear, haha! I've started a fanpage for her on facebook here which shows more of my quick, personal life since I don't take many photos of myself. I feel like it's easier to just take photos of my teddy bear haha!

My headdress I made for this look is something I'm proud of. It was made using a traditional method of accessory-making we learned about in Chinese Clothing History by the Hakka people of Taiwan. Since they didn't have as much money or access to precious metals and gems, they made their hair accessories using wire, embroidery thread, paste, and plain cardboard. It was quite difficult and time-consuming to make, and I actually used loads of double-sided tape to help the thread stay in place because I couldn't do it without!

The building in the background is the Taipei Story House, which is incredibly cute! It was closed at the time we were taking photos so we couldn't get photos in the surrounding gardens, but getting the second-story background was quite lovely too :) Read More......

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day after Summer International Loliday Meetup! NO LACE

I forgot I hadn't posted about this meetup from June 8! It was another challenge theme meetup: NO LACE
It should come as no surprise that putting together an entire coordinate with zero lace was quite difficult so I actually ended up going with a casual punk Lolita style (at least I got to wear my studded booties!)

 photo P1090327_zps34b79419.jpg
Group photo!

My Outfit:
 photo P1090267_zps5527a8c2.jpg

I added the bolero later because we'd done a group order and were picking up our goods! So yes, there is a bit of lace on the bolero but it didn't count!

For Lolitas who accidentally wore a bit of lace (headdresses and socks were the most common places to overlook) DORO had prepared a funny pair of glasses from Daiso Japan to wear during the self-introduction section. We all ended up having too much fun with the glasses and all took photos!

 photo P1090190_zps9cc2b83e.jpg
Very stylish~

How did you celebrate Internationa Loliday? Read More......

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lolita Styles (by Misako Aoki)

Most Lolitas are already familiar with the basic styles, but the Western and Eastern definition of the styles seem to differ a bit.

This video shows Misako Aoki describing and modeling different styles. Traditional Lolita is what used to be Sweet Lolita, and Sweet Lolita now is a bit more Deco (though not full-on Deco Lolita) and I really like both!

I like the variety shown, though I wouldn't really say a fur beret is "toning down" an outfit at all ;D

What is your favorite style mentioned? How about the one not mentioned (the video only covers the major styles)
I love Sweet Lolita and Traditional Lolita the most! And my favorite substyle is Punk Lolita for sure :3

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